Fused glass rhombus necklace w/18

Fused glass rhombus necklace w/18" gun metal black chain & signature red metal tag finish

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For a light splash of bold color, this red stands out but still looks chic. Wears well with any neckline and both casual and dressy outfits.

This piece is part of a unique series of fused glass jewelry we are currently featuring from our studio.

Fused glass is a process by which 2 pieces of glass are cut to "fuse" together. I paint the design between the glass pieces before they are fired in a kiln much like ceramic.

Ghost glass is a term I created for this style of glass fusion where the paint seems to float inside the glass. When fired, the heat and the paint react to create a unique effect, rendering each piece naturally one of a kind.

  • Individually painted and fused glass piece
  • 1” x 1” fused glass red rhombus
  • 18” gunmetal chain
  • Spring clasp
  • Signature finish tags


Handmade in Brooklyn, NY.