Up On The Mountain! Shopping Tote

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M4H: Sometimes when you spend too much time in an urban environment, you have to get the heck out of town and get somewhere where Instagram can’t load and just defrag the old hard drive of life... and at the very least try to unwind. I love that feeling when you leave the city and get far enough away from the noise, and you open the window and breathe in and the air doesn't have any smell at all. That is the exact moment that I question what on God's green earth I am still doing living in an urban death maze, and it's also the only time I can relate to my dog who seems to want to put his little bean face out the car window approximately every 40 seconds whenever I drive anywhere with him.  

Heat printed grey on a high quality black tote bag, this little guy is great for urban hipster trips to the rural market in town where the locals are guaranteed to roll their eyes at you behind your back when you aren't looking. 

      • 12 oz. cotton canvas
      • Full side and bottom gusset
      • Web 24" handles with 11" drop
      • Non branded label/tag
      • 14" W x 15" H x 4 D