yes NO Shopping Tote

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M4H: In the movie "Casino", Robert De Niro’s character has a sign behind his desk that always struck me as hilarious. I wanted to make a bag that emulated it; something that stood out making a groan-worthy joke but was actually good for shopping. The font reminds me of the ABBA Album covers my parents had when I was growing up. I always loved that rounded "who cares" look, like the lettering on some obscure European Fondue logo from a 1970’s ski lodge. Basically I wanted a piece that says “Hey! Look at me!” while at the same time saying, “'I'm not approachable!”

Heat printed black and red on a high-quality bright yellow recycled zipper tote, this sucker stands out like a sore thumb in a crowded place. Give it to your grumpy relative as a joke and watch everyone other than them laugh at it. Isn't Schadenfreude the best? 

      • 600-denier recycled material
      • Zipper enclosure
      • 28" color-matching handles
      • Reinforced webbing at top
      • 18" W x 16" H x 4 1/2 D