Water Brush Lettering: Beginning steps! You gotta start somewhere!

Water Brush Lettering @thebklynfactory

"Brush Lettering for beginners" - that's what I was looking for at the very beginning. I didn't know where to start, so I looked around and found a basic course on Craftsy. I have never had any training in calligraphy or lettering so I didn't know the differences.

I started off with tracing the letters with some brush markers I had that were still working despite them being a few years old.

I didn't need much to start. Some tracing paper, the brush pens or watercolor brush pens if you've got them, tape, I used painter's tape.

Water Brush Lettering is a simple and straightforward way I found out to start hand lettering. I took this course on Craftsy called Water Brush Lettering with Nicole Miyuki Santo. It was a great introduction for me because when I was done with it I wanted to keep learning. That's a good sign.

She goes over how to hold the brush, the pressure up and down, loading the brush with paint and many other lessons I need to practice.

Brush lettering Beginning Basics! You gotta start somewhere!
Water Brush Lettering @thebklynfactory
I marked the date on the practice sheets so I can keep track of any progress.
Now, I'm practicing and looking for the next course I can take. The next stages would probably be either calligraphy, hand lettering or both.

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