Fried Provolone With Broccoli (Argentine Provoleta) Easy, Quick, Filling and Fancy!

(Quick Tip: Cut broccoli small to cook quicker and faster.)

Sautée for aprox. 5 minutes)

Cheese is the best. Even though I watch how much dairy I eat nowadays, I still have a hard time saying no to cheese snacks, especially this one. It's such a good snack I can't help going to it as a quick bite solution to an empty stomach growling.

“Provoleta” is a traditionally Argentine dish accompanying a classic “asado” (bbq) spread. It's basically Provolone cheese melted down in a small cast iron skillet (or non-stick) with spices like oregano, pepper, red pepper and salt, until the sides bubble and the provolone cheese has turned into a unified blob. When served at a table you usually cut it up into small pieces as it cools and everyone takes a piece.

The main difference between my version and the traditional way is that I like to crisp it up to my own taste. I also use sliced Provolone as opposed to a chunk and I add other other ingredients to beef up the snack, like in this case, the broccoli.

Using sliced cheese helps it melt more quicker.

At home I like to adapt this dish, sometimes using the traditional provolone & spices only approach and other times adding some touches of extras like grape tomatoes, spinach and/or fresh basil. Most things work as long as they're not too watery.

This time I had a small bit of broccoli left over. So I cut that up into small bits like mini florets and sautéed them with salt and pepper until they charred a bit. 

Then I bunched them in the center of the pan and threw a few pieces of sliced provolone over them along with some extra spices on top of the cheese. I cooked that until the cheese melted and then flipped it over to get a light crisp on the other side. Once crispy on the other side it's ready to serve and Voila! You've got a quick, fancy sounding snack in 5 minutes? Super quick.

Cook to taste, I like mine super crispy and browned!


------  INGREDIENTS ------

Servings: 2
  • Handful of broccoli

  • 2 – 3 slices of Provolone cheese

  • Spices: salt, black pepper, red pepper, oregano (fresh or dried)


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  • Todo lo que pude ver en tu pagina me pareció precioso,fantástico y muy original. Pero como los textos están en English hay cosas que no entendi.
    Felicitaciones. Congratulation

    Sylvia Sorensen

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